Independence Set - Now Available in Wrap Boxes!
Niccckk 23 June 2023 11:26

Hello, fellow TotallyCrafters!
It is that time of year... IT'S ALMOST INDEPENDENCE DAY! Now for you fellow Canadians, Brits, and other countries, we'll hold events for your country as well when the holiday comes around for it!

Ever wanted to really show that you are an AMERICAN to the other players on the server? Well these red, white, and blue item wraps sparkle with fireworks and show that YOU, yes YOU, are an American *SCREECHING EAGLE NOISE*
FOR the 4th of July, we will be releasing the Independence Day Item Wrap set! 

These will only be available in Wrap Boxes until July 8th, so get them while you can!
They are available at! Canadians might get maple syrup or somethin for Canada Day I dunno... ????‍♂️

Tags: Minecraft
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