Summer Seasonal Event - Part 2 | NEW COSMETICS & SCAVENGER HUNT!
Niccckk 01 August 2023 09:36

Greetings fellow TotallyCrafters!

Summer is a time to sit back, sit in the sun, relax, and enjoy the views!
There is no better way to do that than with a nice hammock... sunbathing chair, or a nice campfire!

Welcome to the Summer Seasonal Event here on TotallyCraft!
This summer event is the first of many seasonal events that will take place in TotallyTown!

So with this summer event, there will be 3 parts split into the 3 months of summer! Each month will boast a release of new items, tasks, cosmetics, and other goodies to set you up for summer!

Summer Fashion & Scavenger Hunt - Part 2 (August 2023) NOW!

Welcome to Part 2 of the Summer Seasonal Event! 

Scavenger Hunt

Want to get a cosmetic key, 2 EXCLUSIVE Summer Cosmetics, and $25,000 of in-game money?
Scavenge around the Boardwalk to find 10 Beach Balls! If you find all 10, you will get the rewards mentioned above! Good luck!

New SUMMER Cosmetics are now available!

New hats: 

  • Brownie Hat
  • Cake Hat
  • Ice Cream Cone Hat
  • Flower Hat
  • Summer Hat
  • Tropical Summer Hat

New Backpacks: 

  • Brownie Backpack
  • Cake Backpack
  • Hula Skirt Backpack
  • Ice Cream Backpack
  • Summer Wings

We're excited to see your bases decked out with the new cosmetics! See you next month in September for a sneak peek on a new special event!

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4 month(s) ago

absolutely spectacular. i cannot wait for that ice cream to drip all over my face