Niccckk 26 August 2023 14:38

Greetings fellow TotallyCrafters!

I know it's been a little bit since we've had some content, but that is changing!
The August Update brings a long awaited feature:

Pets are a new cosmetic addon and functional addon for you! Certain pets have abilities where you can get extra jump boost, damage, and other perks by having your pet by your side!
All pets can be purchased with in-game money at /warp pets!

New Balloons!

Several new animal themed balloons have been added in light of the new pets!
These balloons include: Sniffer, Dog, Fox, Dog, Peacock, Bison, Caterpillar, & Lady Bug!

Scoreboard Wraps (THEY STAY THIS TIME!)

Scoreboard Wraps, while introduced two months ago, were not very functional as they did not stay after you rejoined.
This bug has NOW BEEN FIXED, and your scoreboard wrap will stay even if you rejoin the server, AMAZING!

Halloween is right around the corner...

We're excited to see your bases decked out with the new cosmetics! See you next month in September for a sneak peek on a new special event!

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